François Fillon wins before French Constitutional Council

28 September 2023

French Constitutional Counsil announces François Fillon is right on the occasion of “priority question of constitutionality” (QPC) defended by Cabinet Briard.

In its n° 2023-1062 QPC, 28th September 2023 decision, French Constitutional Counsil declares unconstitutional some words from the Code de procedure pénale’s 385th article relating to the mechanism for purging nullities, which not guaranteed an effective legal remedy right and undermined exercise of defense rights. Fillon Affair case thus returns to Cassation Court, which will overturn the appeal ruling of May 2022 and send it back to Paris’ Appeal Court for a new trial.

François-Henri Briard, François Fillon’s lawyer before French Constitutional Council has been interviewed about this decision by several medias :

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Decision on French Council Constitutional website :


François-Henri Briard

François-Henri BRIARD