Except in the event of an emergency or force majeure circumstances, or if a matter is fully covered by legal aid, or if services are provided pursuant to a public contract, the Firm will enter into a written contract with its clients that describes the assignment for which the Firm is appointed, and that either states the total amount of the fee or provides a method for calculating the fee, whether a flat fee or a time-based fee.

These fees cover the work the lawyer anticipates will be required, as well as foreseeable costs and expenses. They take into account the client’s financial position, the complexity of the matter, costs incurred by the appellate lawyer, the lawyer’s reputation and the work he/she will perform.
In accordance with current law, the Firm and its clients may agree on an additional fee contingent on results.

Generally, an advance on fees and costs is requested when the Firm accepts the case, which will be applied to the final fee.

If applicable, value added tax is added to fees. Administrative costs will also be applied.

In the event of a difficulty concerning the amount of fees, and pursuant to Article L. 612-1 of the French Consumer Code, litigants may refer the matter directly to the Governing Board of the Bar of the Council of State and the Court of Cassation or to the consumer ombudsman.

The consumer ombudsman may be contacted at the following address:

Consumer ombudsman of the profession of counsel admitted to practice before the Council of State and the Court of Cassation
Mr. Jean Barthélemy
5 quai de l’Horloge
75001 Paris
Website: http://mediateur-consommation-avocats-aux-conseils.fr.